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This way you can keep your mind on overclocking. The buttons are conviently placed and light up so you can easily find them in a dark environment. While operational it also displays the CPU package temperature. Accurately monitor your voltages while overclocking. See below for download links. The global results can be viewed using this interactive map. The lefthand map shows the gridded global carbon footprint, as absolute volume of emissions per grid cell.

The top cities are shown global top in blue, top 50 in orange, and top 10 in red. Note: the Web Mercator projection used for this online presentation distorts high-latitude regions e. All numerical analyses should be done using an equal-area projection. Download results The top cities in absolute and per capita terms can be donwloaded here as tab-delimited text files:.

Please contact us if you would like to use these results for commercial work or if you have an idea for collaboration based on this model. Moran, D. The above were combined to distribute the carbon footprint of each nation into a spatially detailed gridded model. Key points of uncertainty are the relative carbon intensity of equivalent expenditure in urban vs.

In the paper we provide results with reliability estimates based on Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis, perturbing the subnational spatial allocation while preserving the national totals. In some countries there are up to seven levels of administrative divisions. Seto - Yale. Global Gridded Model of Carbon Footprints GGMCF This model provides a globally consistent, spatially resolved m , estimate of carbon footprints also called Scope 3 emissions in per capita and absolute terms across countries. The data year is To cite this work please refer to this paper: Moran, D. Technical Summary The model was constructed using the Eora global supply chain database. China - details 30 provinces - Wang et al. Japan - details 47 prefectures - Hasegawa et al. India - Work in progress. Resolution - 35 states.

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  7. Other countries? Please contact us if you have an idea for an additional data source The above were combined to distribute the carbon footprint of each nation into a spatially detailed gridded model. Artistic image showing the total carbon footprint in the Eastern US and Canada. Artistic image showing the total carbon footprint in Europe. Artistic image showing the total carbon footprint in Southeast Asia. Cairo and Jakarta have relatively low CFs per capita but large populations, while Miami and Al-Ahmadi in Kuwait have smaller populations with higher average footprints, and thus similar total CFs.

    Vertical lines show 1 standard deviation for each city CF estimate.

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