Manual Investigating Electromagnetism

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What number of loops will lift paper clips into the box? Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

Learning Goals

Lets investigate the question - Is the strength of the magnet relative to the number of loops of wire on the iron core? View the video on the right. It shows an electromagnet picking up paper clips.

About this course

You will have to use an electromagnet. Conduct the experiment below and see how you would construct an electromagnet, working from a 6V battery, that will deliver about paper clips every time.

The voltage provided to the circuit can be easily manipulated by changing the number of batteries connected. HS-PS Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that an electric current can produce a magnetic field and that a changing magnetic field can produce an electric current. Clarification Statement: none Assessment Boundary: Assessment is limited to designing and conducting investigations with provided materials and tools.

Investigating Electromagnetism — Big Universe

This resource is explicitly designed to build towards this performance expectation. Comments about Including the Performance Expectation The resource describes an experiment that can be presented to students as an inquiry investigation in which students investigate the relationship between the current through an electromagnet and the strength of the magnetic field that is produced and also the relationship between the number of turns of an electromagnet and the strength of an electromagnet. The resource contains photos of the experimental set-up and sample data to guide the teacher.

This resource appears to be designed to build towards this science and engineering practice, though the resource developer has not explicitly stated so. Comments about Including the Science and Engineering Practice The investigation described in the resource can be adapted by the students to answer an experimental question based on gathered data.

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Investigating Electromagnetism

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Physics - Investigating Electromagnetic Radiation: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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