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A three day International conference at Central college, University of Bangalore, Bangalore, Dated to A two day National conference on applications of graph theory, at R. A three day International conference at Adichunchanagiri institute of technology, chikmagalur, ckikmagalur. A one day National conference on the works of Srinivasaramanujan on A one day National conference, Knowledge utsav, at jain university, Bangalore on A three day workshop on Linear algebra and its applications to engineering at M.

Ramaiah institute of technology, Bangalore. A two day National conference on Graph theory and Number theory at University of mysore, Mysore, Dated to A two day 3rd state level science and technology conference on science and technology in rural development at SJCE, Mysore, Dated to A one day Faculty development programme at P.

Fractional dimension of partial orders. Generalized sum graphs. Connectivity threshold for random chordal graphs. A deletion game on hypergraphs. General results on tolerance intersection graphs. On the thickness and arboricity of a graph. An evolution of interval graphs. On the interval number of random graphs. On the expected capacity of binomial and random concentrators. Not All Graphs are Segment T-graphs. European Journal of Combinatorics.

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Optimal and near-optimal broadcast in random graphs. On circle containment orders. Random interval graphs. Degrees of freedom versus dimension for containment orders.

MATH272 Discrete Mathematics

On the interval number of a chordal graph. Infinite AB percolation clusters exist. Journal of Physics A: General Physics. Irredundancy in multiple interval representations. Hamiltonian Closure in Random Graphs.

Daniel Spielman “Miracles of Algebraic Graph Theory”

Annals in Discrete Mathematics. The maximum interval number of graphs with given genus. Hamiltonian closure in random graphs. North-Holland Mathematics Studies. On the structure of hereditary classes of graphs. Characterizing intersection classes of graphs. Irrepresentability by multiple intersection, or why the interval number is unbounded.

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The interval number of a planar graph: Three intervals suffice. The Mathematics Lover's Companion.

List of publications and papers available on-line

Yale University Press. Cengage Learning. Courier Corporation. Create Space. Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction, second edition. Matematica Discreta: Uma Introducao. Matematicas Discretas. Thomson International. Encoders for spherical motion using discrete optical sensor. Mathematics: A. Discrete Introduction. Distance, Connectivity, Traversability. Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics.

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  6. Torus graph inference for detection of localized activity. Workshop on Link Analysis, Counterterrorism, and Security. Containment graphs, posets and related classes of graphs. Interval representations of cliques and subset intersection graphs.

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    Tel Aviv, Israel. Baltimore, Maryland. ISBN Congressus Numerantium, Volumes 47, 48, Proceedings of the international conference on combinatorial theory, Canberra, August , Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. Berlin: Julius Springer. USA 33, Unione Mat. B 29, In memory of Hugh Dowker, Cambridge etc.

    Special Issue on Graph Theory

    Proceedings of the conference held at Oberwolfach, Germany, July , XV, p. Proceedings of the Conference held at Oberwolfach, June July 2, XIII, p. Invariant theory, Proc. Notes Math. Lapok 11, Combinatorics, Part 2, Proc. Compositio Math. Random Struct. Algorithms 7, No. The Dolciani Mathematical Expositions.

    Theory 1, Zametki 9, Notes 9, Schrijver, Alexander ed. Algorithms and Combinatorics, 9. Periodicum Math. Belgrade 4, Conferenze Semin.

    List of Publications

    Bari 89, 18 p. Multiplicative functions and small divisors. I , No. Emile Borel. Proceedings of an international symposium, conducted by The University of Texas at Austin, Texas, January , Conference held in Szeged, August , Colloquia Mathematica Societatis Janos Bolyai, Congressus Numerantium XX. Norske Vid. Varsovie 30, Papers in combinatorial theory, analysis, geometry, algebra, and the theory of numbers presented to Richard Rado on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday London-New York: Academic Press.

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    Congressus Numerantium III. Pure Math. University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, July , Congressus numerantium. Proceedings of the conference held at Rockefeller University, New York Analytic number theory, Proc.