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At various times, he has been a visiting scholar in Sweden, Norway, Indonesia, and China, as well as several universities and research institutions in the United States. Cunningham has devoted himself to education and teaching development at the undergraduate level in biology.

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He began his educational career in structural biology but for the last years has concentrated on environmental science, teaching courses such as Social Uses of Biology; Garbage, Government, and the Globe; Environmental Ethics; and Conservation History. He has served as a Faculty Mentor for younger faculty at the university, sharing the knowledge and teaching skills that he has gained during his distinguished career. Her research involves using GIS to assess landscape-level problems in conservation and biodiversity. In particular, she is interested in understanding the nature of fragmentation in grassland environments and the effects of fragmentation on the make-up of bird communities.

The agricultural landscapes where she has been working represent a complex and fascinating interaction of issues concerning working landscapes, resource use, remnant wildlife habitat, and landscape aesthetics. It is at the intersection of these issues that she likes to try and understand the geography of physical environments.

I hope that you will find this book a valuable source of information about our global environment, as well as an inspiration for solutions to the dilemmas we face. Everyone has a role to play in this endeavor. Whether as students, educators, researchers, activists, or consumers, each of us can find ways to contribute in solving our common problems. Who makes up the audience for this text? This book is intended for use in a one- or two-semester course in Environmental Science, Human Ecology, or Environmental Studies at the college or advanced placement high school level.

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Because most students who will use this book are freshman or sophomore non-science majors, I have tried to make the text readable and accessible without technical jargon or a presumption of prior science background. At the same time, enough data and depth are presented to make this book suitable for many upper division classes and a valuable resource for students who will keep it in their personal libraries after their formal studies are completed.

Why did I write this book? I have taught aspects of environmental science in a variety of settings for about 40 years. Although the earliest of these classes focused primarily on natural history and conservation, I found my interests and concerns changing in the s.

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Two broad areas of environmental science that seemed important to me weren't covered in the existing textbooks. One of these is global concerns.

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We live in an highly interconnected world; the coal burned in China, or the nuclear waste dumped in the ocean by Russia, or the pesticides used on farm crops in Central America affect all of us. The other area is environmental justice and the human dimensions of environmental issues. Although my original interests in the environment were primarily wilderness and wildlife issues, the Civil Rights movement of the s opened my eyes to the conditions in inner cities and the role of economics, health, policy, and law in environmental concerns.

Ecology remains the heart of environmental science but students also need to know something about the roles of human institutions and social sciences to be educated environmental citizens. It's gratifying to see that since the first edition of this book was published in , concerns about environmental ethics and social justice are appearing in other textbooks as well.

How important is sustainability and environmental citizenship? Ultimately the aims of this book are to foster attitudes of stewardship and environmental citizenship, and to encourage the goals of economic, ecological, and social sustainability. In the preamble to the United Nations Earth Charter, the authors declare that, "In an increasingly interdependent world, it is imperative that we, the citizens of the Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, the greater community of life, and future generations.

Care for the community of life in all its diversity as a responsibility shared by everyone. Strive to build free, just, participatory, and sustainable communities.

Environmental Science: A Global Concern

Secure peace and Earth's abundance and beauty for present and future generations. I hope the readers of this book will come to share those goals and to understand the reasons they are so important. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks. Add to Wishlist. USD Ship This Item — This item is available online through Marketplace sellers. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview Environmental Science: A Global Concern , Eleventh Edition, is a comprehensive presentation of environmental science for non-science majors which emphasizes critical thinking, environmental responsibility, and global awareness.