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Along with this, the president is given a report of the Special Service that exercises control over aliens in our country. I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.

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I thought Timothy Good did an excellent job of putting together evidence, through eyewitness accounts, of humans and their contact with aliens. Timothy Good sold me on the world's governments knowledge of aliens in his book "Above Top Secret", and he made a compelling case for prove of alien contact and the knowledge imparted in this book.

This is not a book for people who are new to ufology, skeptics, or those who have a closed mind. However, like what was stated in the introduction, if this much evidence existed in a murder trial, the assailant would have been easily convicted. Almost every source in this book is either the person who encountered a UFO or alien entity or a 'professional ufologist'. Both are not credible sources.

Susan Ferguson September 02, Spanish version. It is designed for his exploitation. Jacques Ellul. As you surely know by now, your online behavior, from banking to shopping, to searching for anything including health and financial information, even your cell phone usage is,. Frank Pasquale. This information is then sold to companies you know nothing about and used to market to you, to evaluate your potential to get a job, a mortgage, a loan, a rental, and many other dreams you may have that could be denied to you because of collected data you know nothing about.


There is no such thing as a 'free' App - all Apps are Trojan Horses. We now live in the Internet , the algo-matrix … like it or not, and the tyranny of massive data collection is upon us.

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Now is the time for us to rethink our euphoria with technology. As law professor and author Frank Pasquale notes, Silicon Valley's top managers are not great sages to be trusted - in fact, they,. Perhaps the most egregious example of this is in the area of finance. Algorithms have expanded exponentially into every aspect of banking, bonds and stock markets, with ever increasing mazes of derivatives, collateralized debt obligations, CDO's, now in the trillions of dollars.

Humans no longer trade in global markets, as algorithms move stocks, commodities, and currencies around the planet in seconds. HFT , high-frequency trading , is a ubiquitous form of high-tech front-running. Actual people don't stand a chance. A 'flash-crash' can take markets down a thousand points in a few seconds.

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Bots , mysteriously called ' dark pools ,' are,. The algorithms are constantly being refined and expanded to further invade every aspect of our lives, therefore, there can be no 'transparency,' as regulators struggle to even understand an ever-changing field created by minds digitally oriented and advanced far-beyond most.

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  5. The private companies and corporations pay these digital geniuses far more money than possible for the government agencies that are supposed to protect the public, luring the best minds away from the regulatory sector with hugely obscene salaries. The innovators run the game and everyone else, including regulators, are clueless, in the dark, and vulnerable.

    As Pasquale says,. The rapid rise and implementation of technology like this for largely evil ends doesn't add up unless you broaden your perspective a bit. The Hopi Indians have told the story of how more evolved Extra-Terrestrials, ET's, once offered earth governments technology that could clean up the planet and help us advance into a partnership with the rest of the galaxy, the Confederation, or the Galactic Federation. In return, we would have to give up,. Our military , afraid of the ET's, turned them down.

    Then, the story goes, that another group of ET's approached earth governments with offers of more advanced technologies - without the request that we give up our pursuit of nuclear anything.

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    In return, alien abductions of humans for their hybridization programs were allowed. When you bring Extra Terrestrials, ET's, into the picture , the present situation makes more sense. Out-of-control radiation is considered by ET's to be unacceptably perilous to all life, and they were intervening so that the humans would not irrevocably damage their planet, the solar system, or beyond. These less evolved ET's began to give world governments technologies within certain limits and planet earth went from an industrial era with machines and assembly lines, to,. The advances in technology since the 's are beyond exponential.

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    They are flat out unbelievable. How long did it take us to invent the wheel? How, then, could we achieve all of this in such a short time frame? The people who have access to secret technology are way ahead of the rest of us.

    Shocking truth behind the greatest Cover-Up in human history

    They are the 'Breakaway Civilization,' and,. We have little to no comprehension of the veiled, secretive world we are now forced to inhabit. The people with 'access' are the owners, controllers and financiers behind these technologies that emerged out of the ET 'deal,' and they have become obsessed with their own power. This is beyond creepy and moving into the domain of a totalitarian invasion of the human heart and psyche.

    And the attitude is seemingly one of control - power and control. Former U. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist, William J. This extreme power has made the elite insane with greed. That's madness.